Tuesday, May 19, 2009

It's been a long few days. Saturday night Ali came down with a monster fever, and complained of a soar throat. We went to the doctor yesterday and sure enough, it's Strep. The little trooper wouldn't stop for anything though, and she overdid it with playing outside and running her energy out completely. We're on antibiotics now, I'm doing my best to remember to give them to her- she got so stubborn though, and I had to drag her kicking and screaming into the doctors office! She'll go all night without medicine for her fever just because she doesn't want it! I can't even force it into her mouth! It's hardest to have a hard headed little diva when she's sick- but she does let me love on her more too...

I played softball again tonight, and let my competative side come out too much. I got pushed down at home, after I had already slid (albeit UGLY- thank you Justin for rubbing it in!) and had a little cat-fight moment with the stinkin catcher on the other team. She seriously felt it her duty to remind me that it was "just ball!" To which I turned around and yelled "EXACTLY! IT'S JUST BALL!" It doesn't sound like much, but for being pretty nonconfrontational, I stood my guns pretty well- she kind of looked familiar though, so right now I'm praying she's not my newest neighbor- regardless of the fact that I was right and she was wrong...I'd still be embarrassed. And talk about the ugly road rash on my leg! Seriously!

And then there's food group. I actually volunteered to make sloppy joes? I don't like sloppy joes! I hope they turn out because I have NEVER even tried to make them... but I needed to do something besides chicken. I always do chicken. Yes mom, I will be using Lisa's recipe, so I'm sure everyone will love them- thanks for sharing it!

The school year is quickly coming to an end...I've loved watching Gage grow and learn this year, but I'm so so excited to have him home this summer! He's my little buddy- and Ali, him and me have a lot to do!


Kandice said...

Hehe. you have had quite the spring! You always cook GREAT, so I am not worried one little bit about what you are feeding us!
hope your leg gets better!

The Holdaway Family said...

I hope that Ali gets feeling better soon! I have one that hates taking medicine too and she has quite the gag reflex anyways...bad combination!

Good luck on your dinner...if it turns out let me know the recipe, I have yet to find a sloppy joe recipe that I like. My hubby is okay with manwich, but everyone else hates it!

Joey said...

You are woman hear you roar!!! I love it. Wish I could have been at the game. I hope Ali is feeling better. I can't believe that school is almost out for the summer. It went by so fast!