Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Sting like a Beamer-

Poor little Ali. Her favorite part of spring is seeing the bumblebees visit our cat-mint in the front yard. She has names for them, Mr. Bumblebee, Mrs. Bumblebee, Grandpa Bumblebee, hopefully you get the jist. This year, Ali decided she wanted to pet one, and was totally hurt when it stung her. She was in a little pain, but I think the hurt of having such a dear friend sting, when all she was trying to do was love it was worse than the actual owie. Once again, lesson learned. Once again, it was the hard way. Go figure.


The Holdaway Family said...

Ouch! How sad to be stung by your friend!

Rick and Angelia said...

How sad! That is so cute that named the bumblebees!

Joey said...

Hummmm, how does she feel about rattle snakes, scopions or red ants??? Or is it just things with fur? Must we worry about bats, rats and unfriendly farrets...Seriously, I think we may need to keep this girl up to date on her rabies shot!