Saturday, August 1, 2009

Biding our time!

Not much to report here... it's been a busy week trying to get ready to go to the beach- I needed an excuse to get all the cleaning I'd let build up done, and coming home to a clean house was the perfect incentive. One more day at work before I have the week off, and I don't know how I'll possibly make it all day! Work has been slow, but thanks to my good friend Cindy, I have a project and a potential sale to look forward to. I'd show more of it, but I didn't ask permission so I figured this would be enough for now. It is the most amazing cabin I've ever seen on the outside, and with my help ;-) it will be the most amazing cabin ANYONE has ever seen on the inside too! I wish I could take the credit, but really Cindy is an amazing decorator too, she and I bounce idea's off each other well- maybe we should start our own business!

In all my nesting...Jon has had to stay busy too. He is as excited as ever to see the ocean again. It was a long time ago that Jon had the idea for this chair, and I told him I thought it would be a great one, but until this week he hadn't built it! It turned out awesome, and once it was finished I had to ask him if he was planning on making himself one! We broke it in last night after the kids had gone to bed---roasting marshmallows by ourselves over our new fire pit in the backyard. We'll have to make that a habit... Jon is the funnest guy to talk to- he just doesn't do it very often! And talk about talented! Amazing job Jon! Maybe we should start our own business!


Shauna Rae said...

I want two for my cabin with a medium to dark stain!

Joey said...

Oh my gosh, the chair turned out amazing!!! The cabin isn't bad either! You have done such a good job for her. I wish you would come home now and help me out with my house. PLEASE!!! I also wish I had the budget I need to do what I want...don't we all? Have SOOOOoooo much fun in Oregon and I will see you when you get home. Kiss the kids for me.