Sunday, August 9, 2009

Happy 70th Grandma Anah!

The whole reason why we spent the last week in Seaside, Oregon was to celebrate a very special persons birthday. Jon's mom has been such a blessing in our lives and it was so much fun to celebrate her birthday with all of her kids and grandkids in such a beautiful place! There was a hired photographer there, but I took a few behind her- (one of my biggest pet peeves) and she didn't seem to mind too was so fun, and I would have never gotten them to take such cute pictures for me! (Only cause they are family, and they would give me way more crap than they would someone else!) We went to dinner at our favorite kid-friendly restaurant right on the beach in Cannon Beach- Mo's- famous for their clam chowder. We did prove to be quite the challenge, and most of us had eaten before some of the kids ever got their food! But it was so much fun- these are a few of the pictures I got that include our birthday girl!


The Holdaway Family said...

What a great reason to take a trip! She looks like a wonderful woman, someone to look up to!

Joey said...

I just love the pictures of Anah and the grandkids. She looks so happy and content. Nice to see them all together. Looks like you had a wonderful time. I need a vacation... :)


Don't really think they needed to go to the expense of hiring a photographer...your pictures are beautiful!

Bonnie Tucker said...

Stephanie: So glad to see the pictures of Anah and the grandkids. What a beautiful bunch of kids. I need to know who goes with what parent. Anah looks great. I only wish we could have kept in contact with her but after the divorce we lost contact. Sad

The Caldwells said...

LOVE Seaside! i'm super jealous of you. I'm taking clark there next summer - can't wait :) pictures are darling. glad you guys had a good time.