Saturday, October 3, 2009

Our "almost" vacation...

Even though it didn't end up being the best vacation, the view was breathtaking!

So, we have been looking forward to this since last year, when we came and only got to stay one night. We were going to make the most of it this year, and thought that even though Jon and Gage were a little under the weather, they'd get better and we'd enjoy ourselves. Unfortunately, that was not the case. Though the snow is gorgeous, I hate driving in it. This is what we were driving in all the way up the canyon, and because Jon was sick, I was behind the wheel. Yikes!
The next morning we woke up to this out our window though! A Moose! It was walking along a walking trail, a pretty tedious walk for something that looks so clumsy! It was fun to watch and I was sooo bummed I didn't have my telephoto lens!
After getting dressed, the kids and I went to get some breakfast at the ski resort just a short walk from our room. It was really pretty so I couldn't resist making them pose for a photo! Jon was just way too sick to leave the room. Poor guy spent the whole day in bed!
Ali felt so fancy with her Hot Cocoa...they were so good for me- having to do everything on my own. They didn't complain once! We didn't stay at Snowbird long, instead we went down to see my mom and sister in Provo and went to Pirate Island to give the kids something to do! Good call Cambria! Thanks for the idea Lisa! We had such a fun time with them!


Lucky Me said...

Bummer, You still haven't been able to enjoy it. Looks like you made the best of it though. We get snowed on about 1/3 of the time. I think I prefer the snow to the rain. At least it doesn't drench you.

Joey said...

Well you gave it a great effort anyway. Next year it will be better...We were glad to see you even if I have a cough, headache and fever now. Hopefully I am in the age group that it doesn't hit hard! Call me...I'm the one with the really DEEP voice that will be answering the phone.

CUTE pictures as usual. I love the one of the kids in the snow. It is way to early for that however. Maybe we will be getting some more warm weather soon.

Sky n' Cam said...

aw at least we had a little fun in the middle... you need a vacation to recover from your vacation-

I, like mom, am sick too. Fever, nausea, and body aches- but I will admit that it was TOTALLY worth it to see those two little kids that I NEVER get to see, and YOU of course....

and about my blog... I wrote that before I talked to you Gage told me you were really home and that you just didn't want to talk to me- what am I supposed to think? ha


Emily said...

Hey girl- Just wanted to leave you a note so you can find my blog! ;)

Love the pix of your kids by the way! If you want a blog header- I'd be glad to make you one.