Wednesday, December 23, 2009

So very busy!

Merry Christmas from Team Tucker!

I hate it when I let my blog get so far away from me! The Christmas season is never easy... but this year I've been determined to enjoy it more than I did last year. I can honestly say that I have! I got the decorations up the Sunday after Thanksgiving. The season was short this year- only 3 weeks, so I wanted to make sure I made the most of it! I got the majority of my shopping done in the past few days...(typical) and I had my neighbor gifts done before the season even started! (CD's of our favorite Christmas songs!) I have had to work the standard 3 days a week and got a special surprise this year and got scheduled for Christmas Eve! I'm ecstatic! (Not really.) I'm tired quite honestly, but with absolutely no time to slow down, I'll be totally spent when this is finally over! We had so much fun today! Sledding at the golf course is a winter tradition, and apparently we share this tradition with the entire town. Needless to say it was busy, but we were still able to "shred" our share! I'm so excited for the next few days...even if I do have to spend a portion of them at work. Happy Christmas to everyone! Hope you are as excited as I am! On a sad note, some of the first friends I had when I moved to Vernal, Mickey and Suzie Keiver- lost their 12 year old son Tyler last night. He battled ceizures his whole life, and though I don't know if that is what caused his death, it doesn't matter. My heart aches for my friend, and anyone that knows them I'm sure feels the same way. Hug your children and remind them often how much you love them. Keep this heartbroken family in your prayers.

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Joey said...

Hang in there Stephanie, one day you will look back on these busy times and wish you could have them back again. Maybe not because of what you did but because of what you can't do anymore! Like Bellywhopping down snow covered hills...

I am so sad to hear about your friends. What a tragic loss made even harder this time of year. I will for sure keep them in my prayers and in case I didn't tell you today...I love you!