Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Evil Twin Strikes Again!

I haven't had a lot to say lately about Ali and the antics we've survived because of her, but tonight was a great example of the fact that the Evil Twin still exists and rears her not-so-pretty head every once in a while. My camera wasn't charged, and I was so upset that I was unable to capture the start to finish. First of all, it was me who let her go to bed with a comb in her hand. She had been in the tub and was making her hair straight and pretty and I figured that was an innocent enough thing to be doing in bed. No sooner then 5 minutes she had that comb wrapped so tightly in the front of her head...trying to "make curls" like I do with the curling iron. It was so tightly wrapped around the comb that when I would try to pull, it would get tighter. It went every which way, and I almost started to cry, resigned to the fact that I would once again have a daughter with a self inflicted mullet. I lost patience with her, and with the process I was being subjected to and interrupted Jon's "me-time" playing his shoot-em'-dead video game to help me. He was such a good sport! He laughed, kept his cool and started pulling-prodding-tugging- with about as much luck as me. He disappeared to the garage and returned with wire cutters, to which we mutilated the comb till it could be released from the tangled mess that became her hair. What do I do with this girl?

On a lighter note, we came home today (Ali and I) from a "girls only" trip to Grandma and Grandpa Caldwells cabin. We made cards all weekend, scrapbooked, scrabbled, ate really yummy nasty food, and drank a lot of the brown bubbly. (Well, I drank brown, the others are on a Diet Sprite kick...?) Ali was perfect for the most part. She kept pretty well entertained and just loved being included by us as "one of the girls." She told me when we went up to bed last night, that when she made a card I shouldn't get all excited and say "GOOD JOB," and "OH ALI I LOVE IT!" I should just say things like, "That's cool." or "I like that one." because she was more like a teenager, not a little kid. She is going to be SO EASY (...if only you could relay sarcasm as well in the written word) as she gets older, ya know?

And last, but certainly not least, my man Brett and his lovely Viking followers WON TODAY! And they beat the Cowboys no less! Sorry honey, I know I acted like I didn't care that they won, I think I went as far as to say..."I wanted the Cowboys to win!" but I lied. I do have to live with you...remember? Maybe next year my dear. And who knows, maybe the stars will align and Brett can play for America's Team? ;)


Joey said...

Oh man, I have done that myself with a round brush and thought that I was going to have to cut it out of my head! It's hard getting this "teenage" thing down especially at 6! I wish she didn't want to grow up so fast but, that's our Ali! Thanks for coming to the cabin and bringing all of your wonderful "STUFF". I loved having you there. Congratulations also for being a Vikings truly are your fathers daughter!

Erin said...

my sister did that to my hair back when it was super long (high school). i freaked out & started crying. my bro, ben, sat & patiently picked it out one strand at a time.

Jake said...

Oh man how I miss little vernal sometimes. PS, Brett would never play for the cowboys.