Saturday, January 9, 2010

A little more...time?

I am learning my lesson quickly... a little more effort and a little more follow through means a lot more time consumed! I'm not complaining though, I love to be busy! I've accomplished a lot. I've started writing a journal to my children- I haven't missed a day. I hosted Bunco- (glad it's over... really fun, but a lot of pressure!) and I had an actual lesson for Family Home Evening. I put a lot more effort into my card swap card for January and I love them! And work is going a lot better than it has in months. My relationships are great- and tonight, thanks to my wonderful neighbor Susan Reeves, I made white chocolate popcorn! (It's so good though, I can't stop eating it!) I had to make sure I could do's supposed to be really easy, but things are notoriously a little harder for me. Worked like a charm though- I even found an air popper at Wal Mart so I could make it as good as Susan's! I'm planning ahead, to give it to the kids teachers and the ladies I visit teach for Valentines. (Key words here...planning and ahead!)


Joey said...

Wow Stephanie! That looks so good. When did you start playing Bunco? Did you ever think that maybe you do too much and that you wouldn't have to plan ahead so much if you would just can do that with a "simple" word from our English language..."NO". Once in a while it works beautifully to save our sanity!

Oh, I forgot, you have all this time on your hands now since you have been released...hehe. I should take my own advise, I just have to learn to deal with the quilt "after" the NO. Stupid huh.

Kandice said...

AND...your dinner last week was SO SO good. I am glad things are going great!

Erin said...

i think i need that recipe

Sky n' Cam said...

hahah MOM you are one to talk- and you raised Steph and I to be the same way... we hate disappointing people and NO usually does just that, so we don't usually say NO because that is how our loving mommy taught us to be!

Steph I am making this popcorn... maybe not today because I spent the weekend eating apple pie apples from rock mountain chocolate factory but maybe next week, and I already have an AIR POPPER, it's my favorite gift I gave Sky for Christmas (haha)

Love you lots! and I like your goal/resolution... maybe I'll add that onto my rack of resolutions that so far I have been able to keep up on maybe... half? hahaha LOVE YA!