Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Recipe!

Sorry, here's the recipe...

2 batches of air popped popcorn (1/2 cup unpopped kernels each time)
2 bags of melted (in the microwave) white chocolate chips
Drizzle melted chocolate over popcorn. Stir till it lightly coats. Spread on wax paper or tin foil

Secret ingredient?
A little sprinkling of cinnamon sugar...mix it again on the tin foil/wax paper and let cool.

Seriously, I went to bed with the worst stomach ache! Oh, and David- the ingredients are ALL they're good for you right?


Edgar, Kyndi, Graci, Cielo said...

Sweet! Thanks for sharing the actual recipe, I've been trying to remember since that day she brought it! Good job on all the trying harder, too-it's making me want to step it up a notch in my life! Way to go, you are amazing at everything you do!

Jamey said...

Ummm that looks yummy and easy! I'm gonna try that one for sure! Thanks for sharing!