Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Rock and a Hard Place

It's not been an easy couple of weeks. I don't know what it is- but I'm assuming it's the weather. I'm PRAYING it's the weather cause at least there is a light at the end of the tunnel- all-be-it a very long tunnel. My kids are on edge, and I'm constantly fighting to get them to do things I've never had problems getting them to do in the past. The other day was one of those instances. I went to help in Ali's class and while I was "testing" her, she threw a fit in front of her teacher. She showed a few of those "colors" that I've been dealing with on a day to day basis. After school was no different. She screamed and cried for reasons I can't even remember. I yelled back, and even smacked her mouth once...and then I gave up! We went to the store and bought lip stick and finger nails- and spent the rest of the day together...I know, way to be consistent, right?
So, I've found myself between the rock and hard place that every parent finds themselves in every once in a while. One of these days I'll learn how to do it- but I'm sure it'll be too late. Here's to trying!


Joey said...

Ive been there so many times you would think that I would have some sound advise for you but, I don't. How sad is that? The problem is that is doesn't get easier as they get older...some how we just find a way to pick our battles and ignore the things that really aren't going to make a difference in the LONG run... Hard to do in the moment I know. Lots of trying, lots of consistency and lots of love! You are doing a great job!

Sky n' Cam said...