Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Too Darn Cold!

Do you feel for me yet? This is right out my back door...frigid!

In Vernal at this time of year, I think you have to be really strong willed not to end up in a complete depression. There isn't anything you can do about it either! We are so much colder than anywhere else in the state, with our own weather system that just won't let up! I miss the sun. Luckily I am strong willed, but even I have noticed being a little more on edge lately. Not just that, but our kids had Presidents Day off, and Tuesday? I love having them home, but when it gets ridiculously hard to entertain them, it's easy to get annoyed.

So what did I do? I made more sugar cookies...great for the diet right? I'm going to find the right recipe... they've all been wonderful, but not quite right... call me Julia- but I'm going to keep trying! Before I did that though, I took the kids to McDonalds and we went to the store to get Play-Doh as some sort of entertainment for the afternoon. It was Divine Intervention- because those kids had a blast the rest of the afternoon! Gage is such an artsy fart. One day I PRAY there is a job out there that will put his amazing creativity to work and let him make enough to support a family! He's incredible! Ali is moving more that way. She's had a much better attention span when it comes to coloring and writing now that she knows better how to do it. She'll spend hours coloring in her coloring books- I love it. I know so much better how to influence them creatively- let's just pray we can get them through all that homework I know nothing about!One more day off till I go back to work tomorrow. I truly love my schedule, and though work is hard, stressful and not always my favorite place to be, I couldn't ask for a better job out of the house. There aren't many out there as lucky as me. I try not to take it for granted, even though there is a major personal struggle going on inside me. I wish so badly I could stay home with the kids, but I know I'm a better mom for working, I'm not as patient as some out there!

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Joey said...

It has been too cold out there this winter! I like winter but that is ridiculous! I love the play dough guy/gal. Anything to keep them busy right?! Quit beating yourself up for working. You are a great mom. So much better than most that stay home all the time. Start looking at all of the the good you do...the list goes on and on :)