Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Happy Valentines Day!

I've been so busy! And unfortunately, it's not been anything noteworthy. I've been handed a slice of humble pie at work, watching everyone else do better than me and not having a good reason to back it up. I'm learning the hard way that not everything goes the way I think it should, no matter how hard I'm trying. But on a lighter note, I have spent some great quality time with my kids and Jon. We went to the movie together on Saturday and finally saw Avatar, to which I was not disappointed. We all loved it! At one point, Jon elbowed me and told me to watch Ali...she was sitting in her seat leaned forward and totally engaged in the movie...smiling. The only thing wrong with that was it was when the bad guy was burning up the big tree. Jon whispered, "does that worry you at all? Our daughter is a pyro!" We've been making Valentines lately, and thanks to a cute neighbor of mine who did these before I did, and let me know it was actually possible... they turned out really good!
Ali's have been in the works for a while and I love them too- though, she's a little disappointed they don't have candy on them...I'm sure she'll get over it though. So, like I said, nothing really fantastic or anything, which is why I haven't posted for a while- maybe next week will be better!


Joey said...

The Valentines turned out SO cute! Don't worry too much about the work thing...what goes around comes around and you will get your "groove" back, you are just having one of those "funks". Been there. Not fun. Will be there again. All part of life's lessons I'm afraid. You have been at the top for so long that maybe you NEED to learn to share the limelight...hehe. Cinch that belt in just a little tighter your not on the last hole yet :) Love ya!

Michele and Wyatt said...

Steph, what days do you work? I am looking for a few things, but only want to come in when you're working.