Sunday, March 14, 2010

Happy Birthday to ME!

Last week I "misplaced" my wedding ring. I was sure one of the kids had moved it from one of the ONLY two places I leave it...but they had no idea where it was. I was heartbroken. I started my spring cleaning, figuring that if I turned my house upside-down, I'd be sure to find it somewhere. It's been almost 2 weeks, and at one point I told Jon, that if all I got was my ring back for my birthday, I'd be the happiest mom ever. Well, I GOT IT! Just a few minutes ago, Jon found it in the washer. I must have taken it off before I played soccer and left it in my jacket pocket. PHEW!! And yes, I am one happy mama!
But let me tell you how spoiled I am...I went out to dinner with family last night and had the best Pollo a la Crema at Don Pedros. Not to mention some of my favorite company! After having to miss the Women's Conference Saturday morning because of work, I was pretty down. Dinner was a welcome break and the guest of honor from the Conference was at the restaraunt! So, even though I didn't get to hear Hilary Weeks, I got to see her- being a real mom, dealing with her young children while trying to enjoy a nice dinner with her husband. Even psuedo celebrities have normal moments.

When I came home, the kids had already started the homemade presents. It was so cute, I've always had a little thing with the kids, we say "luv your guts," sometimes instead of just plain I love you. Gage made me a card that said "love yur gutz" on the front and on the inside he'd drawn a picture of you guessed guts. It was the cutest thing I'd ever seen. Ali keeps giving me random peices of her broken toys (which is any of them at any given time, since she's HORRIBLE about taking care of things) with random pictures drawn on them. One was a picture of me with fireworks coming out of my head and arrows pointing to my face all the way around...I love these kids!

And the icing on the peverbial cake, (since I would have to make my own if I wanted one) was my present from Jon. He BOUGHT ME THE CAMERA!!!!! Watch out world, here comes yet another ameteur photographer to take it by storm! I love it- I can't wait to have a few minutes to practice! Thank you honey... I promise to get you something good for your birthday!

On a sad note, my ward was slaughtered today! I only say that, because "split" doesn't really cut it! Can I say though, I'm actually really excited about it! I get to meet new people, I get to have a calling again... and I know the new bishop will do an amazing job. Bishop Jesse Goodrich was sustained today, along with my neighbors, Dave Harris and Ben Flake. Bishop Goodrich is my age! He's amazing, and I know he'll be an awesome bishop. He has big shoes to fill, we loved Bishop Bentley. But the inspiration from the lord was truly evident, because the spirit was so strong in that meeting. I'm sad to lose some friends, but it's always such an amazing opportunity to get to know others so much better! I honestly can't wait to find out where they need me, going without a calling for 2 months has left me feeling a little empty. I'm looking forward to getting back into it.

Here's to my parents and Garett and Lisa's safe return from their vacation to Guatamala...(speaking of spoiled!) This is the best time of year to get OUT of Utah! I have to say, had I been able to buy a ticket to go with them I'd have been there for sure! I'm sure my mom will have some beautiful pictures to share, so if you're interested, check out her blog! Love you guys! Hope you had an amazing time!


Jamey said...

Happy Birthday! I know... I hate that sick feeling that you get in the pit of your stomach when you loose you wedding ring... ugh!! Glad you found it ok. Let me know how you like your Pentax! I'm currently camera shopping and trying to decide between Nikon, Pentax, and Cannon. :)

The Caldwell Fam said...

Happy birthday Steph! It looks like you had a good day, and I am so glad that you did! Thank heavens you found your wedding ring, that would have been SO awful. Yes, remind me to tell you about the time I lost my ring. It involves x-raying a dead dog... too long to write, but hilarious in a sort of gruesome way. ANYWAY, again, happy birthday, and we love your guts too! LoR

Erin said...

so glad you found your ring. it sounds like you had a pretty great birthday. i'm excited to see what you do with your new camera. i'm not familiar with pentax...are they good? i guess we'll see, huh :)

Shauna Rae said...

OH!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!! New camera ... the BEST!

Lucky Me said...

Jon really pulled through!!! What a great day! Yeah on the ring. Now you are married to that great guy again :P