Friday, March 5, 2010

Do you think it's broken?

OK, so I'm not young and in shape anymore- I know this. BUT, I still LOVE to play soccer. This is the first time I've known about the co-ed soccer league in Vernal, and I was invited to play by some friends in my ward. I may not be the best (quite possibly the worst!) but I am having so much fun! Thursday night, I went hoping to leave a little early to make it to Bunco on time (I know...but I love Bunco night too!) and when I got there, I was one of the only two girls there, so I had to play the whole game without a sub. It was a blast! And I got a great work-out to boot! But, speaking of boots, mine do NOT fit me today! I did this:
when I was trying to "clear" a ball...which means I was geared up to kick it as HARD as I could and came in contact with this really annoying kids foot...instead of the ball. I hope it hurt him at least...he was really obnoxious! But even though I am a little gimpy today, I'd do it all again. Crazy? Maybe...the fact that I'm almost (on MARCH 14th [hint, hint]) going to be 33, and still trying to keep up with kids a little more than half my age? Or that I'd go back after mutilating my big toe? Either way, it's my kind of fun...crazy or not!

Sorry, I hate feet as much as the next person, and mine are particularly ugly...but how else could I show you what I did?


Edgar, Kyndi, Graci, Cielo said...

Sorry about your toe! Hope Edgar wasn't the annoying kid but that's beside the point. I've already warned you about his soccer behavior....anyways, we need to schedule some pic's with you asap! or at least some of the girls until I look presentable in front of a camara! Your picutres look great!

Lucky Me said...


Shauna Rae said...

So sorry about your toe, but I have to be honest with you ........ the first thing I noticed was that you need to shave!!! So hysterical huh?!! I only know because I have to shave my big toes too!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sky n' Cam said...


I don't know what to say to beat that one!
LOVE YOU hope you feel better!

Michele and Wyatt said...