Tuesday, March 30, 2010

It's GREAT to be 8!!!

I remember looking at my babies, and thinking about the major milestones in their lives. Thinking to myself that 8 years seemed like such a long time till the first one. Here it is though, and where I'm so proud and in unconditional love with this little boy, I'm so sad to see him grow up... I haven't had enough time! It's been fun to watch him turn into this little man that he is.

The first thing he said to me this morning- after I woke him up with some obnoxious singing- was, "Mom, can you sign me up for Scouts today?" I'm so excited for him, he's going to be such a great Cub Scout! They'll love his energy and spirit, even if they love it half as much as I do, they'll love him for sure.

His birthday landed on a weird time this year. We had fast-Sunday last weekend, and General Conference is this weekend, then we have Stake Conference the week after, so his Baptism won't be till May- invites to come, I promise! He's pretty bummed, but I'm sure he'll be thrilled when it happens. We had a little get together with some of mom and dad's friends for cake and ice cream, and then Friday we'll be going to see How to Train Your Dragon...with a few of his friends. I made the invites on Photoshop, my first project like it!Gage had a How to Train your Dragon cake and got some great presents. He needed a new bike, and though it wasn't on the "list" (seriously, this list was 17 items, all over 50 bucks each...) he got it as his "big" present. We had to get him some Lego's of course, and he spent most of the night working on them. My brothers loved Lego's too- I only wish there were something that would keep Ali so entertained!
So, what's done is done...my son is 8- and it is great. Can someone push PAUSE please?


Melissa said...

YAY GAGE!!!! I'm glad he had such a great day!

Joey said...

Happy Birthday to my favorite 8 year old! See you soon!

Kandice said...

I can't believe he is 8 already! What a cute boy~!

The Caldwell Fam said...

Happy Birthday GAGE! Cole would love to see you again soon! SO, come see us! Hope you had a way fun day! Love Caldwells

Sky n' Cam said...

OH What a wonderful little...I mean BIG boy... I mean guy! What a wonderful big guy hahha- Gagey I love you so much- and that cake is AWESOME! let me know how the movie is... I want to see that movie!

Can't wait for you guys to come down!

Lucky Me said...

Happy B-day buddie!!! I was baptized a "month late" too because of the same thing and I turned out alright. It just gives him that much more time to prepare. I'll bring a book over for you to read together. Spencer and Benjamin have really loved it.