Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Sunday was busy, needless to say. Even with the downtime we had watching conference, it seems like the day was a whirlwind. The kids woke up to see the Easter Bunny had come to visit- and spent part of the morning looking for Easter eggs that had been hidden inside...being that it snowed outside...hmmph. We hadn't had time the night before to color eggs ( I had to work all day and they had been hunting eggs at the "other Tuckers" house all afternoon.) so we made them Sunday morning. Everyone got into it! I bet you can't guess whose egg this was?So, not many pictures from the days festivities, but these next two made me realize how old my kids are getting. I can't stand it! I'm loving it now though. We have actual converstations, they do things for themselves and when I don't have reason to yell at them, they are really fun to be around! Spring break has gone by way too fast. I'm sad that I had to work through so much of it! School starts tomorrow and my kids are actually quite excited to get back to their friends and I'm sure the structure will help a lot too!


Melissa said...

Jon and his dirty mistress! lol. That is cute. Looks like the kids had fun with the eggs. And yes, it's so nice when they can be reasoned with. Your blog looks amazing. I need your help. I'd love to know how to do this on my own.

Kimberly said...

Hey Stephanie,

I don't know if you remember me I used to be in your ward, my name is Kim Hadley Karlee Allred's friend. She showed me your blog. I love your blog!! By far the cutest blog I've ever been on!! You have totally inspired me to start my own blog! By the way, love the music playing too!!!

Ethington Family said...

You have the cutest stinking blog there is! I love reading what your up to. Take care

Chalan said...

Sounds like you had a fun Easter, cute eggs!