Saturday, April 24, 2010

How does YOUR garden grow?

This is all new for me! My husband has been so cooperative with my whole garden idea, and concocted this little planter box for me to put it all in. I am PRAYING that I can keep my plants alive! I'm having a hard time with the ones in the window sill!

I've been learning and working so much with photoshop and photography lately. I love it! It's fun to see the improvements I've made- and even better that I've done it myself so far! It's been a huge project, but one I enjoy and spend a lot of time with.

And do you know what else takes a lot of time? This new calling! It's not been bad, but it's amazing how many things there are to coordinate for a new ward! I'm so grateful that so many people are willing to help me out!

Gage gets baptized next week! I can't believe he's already 8. He's such a sweet boy, and he's looking forward to being baptized by his dad. He's been to a Scout activity already and LOVES being involved with the "older" kids.

I'm excited for this week to be over, and to start a new one where I only have to work my normal 3 days! It's hard when your schedule gets messed with to stay on task and get the things done that need to be done!


Erin said...

good luck with your garden! i've been tempted to grow some herbs on our deck, but the western sun would just bake them.

Melissa said...

Looks like fun! I need something like that at my place!

Bonnie Tucker said...

I love reading your blogs and getting to know your family this way. Congratulations to Gage on becoming a member and having a birthday. Good luck on your gardening.

Joey said...

I have been cleaning out flowerbeds too! Of coarse I can't possibly plant a garden with all the deer around this place. They just get worse every year.

Compassionate service is a huge call depending on your ward. That is why you need to learn to delegate. You can't possibly do it all by yourself. You will run yourself ragged! Get the good sisters of your ward involved. They will love the blessings that come from sharing their talents! I will see you on Saturday. Let me know what you need me to bring.

Lucky Me said...

Whootwhoo!!! You and the kids will have such a great time with the garden. It looks great! I'm hoping to get mine going this weekend...We'll see if it really snows. You are going to be great at your calling. I really can't think of anyone better for it than you. Just delegate and enjoy getting to know the sisters through their service. We'll see you Saturday for Gage's baptizm. Let me know if you need ANYTHING.