Thursday, April 29, 2010


Just when I start thinking that Vernal is OK, (which happens every year about spring time when the ugliness of winter finally starts to wear off, but quickly I come back to my senses...) something like this happens... and puts me in a mood. It's a good thing I have a lot of cleaning to do today. Hmph.

*not that I hate it here... I don't... hate it. If I could just pick it up and move it westward and a little south...perfect.


Michele and Wyatt said...

I know, can you believe this snow. I think it is our best snowstorm of the year, and it's the end of April. Crazy Vernal weather.

The Holdaway Family said...

Man, I was feeling bad for us this morning and we just had a skiff. At least it's good for the water tables...right?

Joey said...

I told you it was coming! You can never trust a warm south wind in APRIL! It will be gone by Saturday...Hopefully. See you then!