Sunday, May 2, 2010

Gage gets baptized!

Gage had a special day for sure! He was Baptized on Saturday, May 1st. We had a lot of family there, my mom and dad drove up from Springville with my brother John, his wife and their 3 kids, and my sister-in-law Lisa. Jon's mom was there of course, as well as his brother, Jeff, Missy and their 5 kids. It was so nice to have so many people there, not to mention the friends and awesome neighbors that came to show their love...what a special kid! One of my oldest friends even made the drive with her 3 girls, and we had a slumber party worth talking about! (Jon and Gage were severely outnumbered this weekend.)
Jon and I are so proud of Gage and the decision he made to get baptized. He's an excellent kid with a great personality, a ton of enthusiasm and a love for others. He's going to make a great addition to the Church!


Joey said...

So glad that we were able to be there. Gage is such a great kid! I love the picture of all of them on the stairs! Ali's brown eyes really stand out among all the blue! SO CUTE all of them. It was good to see everyone this weekend. I have not seen Anah in a very long time. It was nice to talk with her and eat (a lot) her delicious potato salad!!! I am so happy Gage had such a great day!

Kandice said...

COngrats to Gage! What a fun and special day!