Wednesday, May 26, 2010

No more school! (Almost)

It's the last week of school and we couldn't be more excited! Gage and Ali have gotten up every morning, happy to go to school because of all the "fun" they've been having. Monday was supposed to be field day, but it didn't work out so well. They ended up bringing the blow-up obstacle course indoors. Gage was doing great till he landed funny and his knee hit his nose and bloodied it good! He came home with blood on his shirt, pants and even socks! They said he looked like a horror movie coming out of the obstacle course holding his face! He must have been having fun, cause he didn't call me to come and get him! (And that's amazing, cause he's a little on the dramatic side!)

I went to help Ali's teacher yesterday. The school is being re-done over the summer, so all of the teachers have been asked to pack up their rooms before school gets out this week. It's been ridiculous for them! They have kids walking all over them and they're trying to pack up everything at the same time! I got a picture of all of her classmates, together and individually- and hopefully I'll remember to do something with them! I'm contemplating getting to Gage's class today, but I know they are having the fire truck there and I don't know that I'd get any good pictures. And it depends if I'm going to get off my rear end today!Ali's teacher, Staci Breakfield. We love her!

Mrs. Breakfields handful this year!


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Joey said...

Hard to believe that school is our for the summer. It goes by so fast! It sounds like you have lots of fun things planned for the kids this summer. I am looking forward to hearing all about them! See you this weekend I hope! LOVE YOU!