Thursday, May 20, 2010

Working on Wednesday...

Yesterday was Wednesday and I had to work. I never work on Wednesdays. I have food group on Wednesdays. I volunteer in Gage's class on Wednesdays. I scheduled Ali's kindergarten assessment for Wednesday morning. Gage had a second grade music program Wednesday at 2pm. Jon had a meeting at work right at 6pm on WEDNESDAY... how is one supposed to stay focused with a schedule like that?

So how did it go? Honestly, I don't remember all of it, but what I do is worth documenting.

Ali really did learn something this year. She's going to first grade with flying colors- but she kinda forgot how to rhyme while she was being tested! It was so funny! Luckily the teacher knows that she can do it...but boat and bowl? Aargh! Ali?

I looked at the clock at work and it was 1:52pm. I made a 15 minute drive to the kids school in 7 minutes, and the second graders had already started singing. I could see the color go back into Gage's face! He told me later that he was so worried I wouldn't make it that his heart was pounding and he started to sweat! It's always the best to see your child's face light up with huge smile just because you walked into a room. His hand shot up in the middle of his song too, to wave at me within seconds of me walking into the very back of the gymnasium. He was watching! To add to my stress, they were sending the kids home right after! Gage ended up spending the rest of the day at work with me! I'm so lucky he's such a great kid. I hardly knew he was there, except for the constant begging for money to spend in the snack machine.

Once home last night, I remembered that Gage had Scouts. We were late, but I thought I'd try to get him there for a minute anyway. Keep in mind this was after I'd changed out of my work attire into sweats- sweats with holes. I didn't think much of it, but realized I'd forgotten it was the Relief Society social at the church when I got there to drop Gage off! They corralled me in too! Everyone else was dressed nicely and had already eaten dinner- I make an entrance in my beautiful sweats, and they stick a plate of food in front of me while the President gives an emotional testimony- how spritual do I look stuffing my face in my "holy" (no pun intended) sweats in a room full of nicely dressed women. Such is life. For me anyway.

So, today I sit. It's almost 9:30am- I'm halfway into another re-run of Gilmore Girls- haven't showered, Ali is still asleep (did I mention the kindergarteners only had school on Monday and Tuesday this week?) and no one knows that I'm home...cause I NEVER have Thursdays off! I think I'll continue on the trail I've started blazing this morning. If you need me today- I'll be home. I may or may not answer the phone.



Kandice said...

You did all that AND your dinner was delicious! See ya in a bit when I get my act together and get my dinner to you!

Erin said...

i'd say after a day like yesterday you deserve a moment of relaxation!

Joey said...

In case I haven't told you lately...Your amazing!

Caldwell Family 5 said...

WOW. You go lady ! Seriously that's insanity. Congrats, if you weren't LDS I would recommend some fruity alcohol beverage and a sedative to wind up the day. hehe