Sunday, June 6, 2010

Growing everyday!

Who said baby birds were cute? I guess they don't all look like chicks when they are born, but I wouldn't have thought they could ever be so UGLY! They are growing fast though, and now they've started making noise too. The mommy robin is getting more protective, and I think she knows I won't hurt them, but she keeps getting closer to me when I'm stealing a picture!


Joey said...

They almost look prehistoric! I know that they will be cute someday but my goodness are they NOT right now. Great picture though (:

Shauna Rae said...

What a FUN thing for your kids ... to watch the process! You're right about them being very UGLY!!!

Dustin and Amy Rasmussen said...

How fun to come across your blog. I found you on ELizabeth Olsen's blog. I love your pictures-you do good work. Cute kids make it easy and fun!