Tuesday, June 15, 2010

When it Rains...

Anything but wind. I love the rain. I could handle the rain, but the wind? Why?

If only wind were my biggest problem right now. Sadly, it's not. I haven't posted much lately because the hard drive on my laptop totally broke. I've lost everything! I don't have a photoshop program anymore either and I'm going crazy being disconnected! It's sad when someone is that attached to a piece of technology, isn't it? I feel like I'm living without an arm! And when I start thinking about the thousands of songs on my i-tunes, and the thousands of pictures in i-photo. It just makes me sick...

With so much more spare time though, I have started reading the Fablehaven series. I love it and suggest it to anyone who liked the Harry Potter books. I made chore charts for my kids, and I've made them stick to it too! (A serious step up for us!) And my garden is growing so nicely- as soon as I can download pictures again, I'll prove it! Between work, softball, bunco, card swap, food group and my calling for church, I'm keeping busy, but what I wouldn't give for my creative outlet back!

Has anyone ever gotten those tablets from the dentist that turn your teeth red to show where you need to brush better? I got some the other day and I was told to make sure to supervise the kids when they used them, but Gage got into them today without telling me and swallowed instead of spit. Twice. I called poison control but they didn't even know what the ingredients were in it and told me just to watch him closely. He was totally freaking out, worried that he'd just swallowed the pill of death or something, but if anyone knows any more, let me know!

I'm also about ready to go bullistic on the mesquito abatement. I came home from work today to my poor daughter who looks and feels like she has chicken pox. They are everywhere! I counted 16 bites on one arm! Her legs have swollen up from all the bites and she's itching them to the point of bleeding every time she gets one. I now have every kind of anti-itch ointment available and she's doped up on benedryl and asleep right now... I hope if anything comes from the wind, it blew all the nasty mesquitos to Colorado!

I will have pictures soon...sorry to bore you all with my picture-less rants, but thanks for stopping by!



Joey said...

I feel so bad about your computer! We need to get that fixed SOON! Hope Gage and Ali get feeling better soon...As long as the mesquitos are going to Colorado and not this direction I am fine with the wind too.

Kandice said...

Well. I wish I had some wonderful encouraging words...all I have is that I LOVE the rain too, and HATE the wind.
Throw away all the ointments you bought, and use straight preparation H. Seriously....it works WONDERS!
I have bites all over me too...must have been the wet weather or something, because they are bad this year.

Caldwell Family 5 said...

I feel for you on the computer. Mine crashed a while ago and it had almost two years of pictures etc. on it. And my itunes. I took it in and had it looked at after John and Clark messed with it, and in about 24 hours I had EVERYTHING off my hard drive and on an external hard drive. I was SO relieved! I hope you get yours worked out, because that just sucks! LoR

Lucky Me said...

Computers suck. We are so dependant on them and then they crash and screw us all up. We lost all of Desi's pics of her birth thru first 3+ months. They never could recover any of them. Now I back everything up on an external hard drive. I finished the Fablehaven series last month. I loved it. Book on tapes is the way to go, I love being able to listen and get my house work done at the same time. We found a table in Salt Lake. The Lady at the Ashley store said they didn't have a 60" square countertop height with black base and wood top. Anyway, we found one with 8 chairs for only $748 - Coudn't pass it up. Thanks for your help!!!