Tuesday, October 19, 2010

It's pretty bad when...

I've had a busy past few days. I've worked more than usual, and my schedule is changed this week so I feel...off. You know it's pretty bad when you can't even enjoy a day off, when it's not your normal day off. I've become such a creature of habit! I love having a set schedule, knowing that I can plan on things being the same every week!

I got a call from the elementary school my children attend yesterday. It's pretty bad when you assume your daughter is in trouble (again) and you don't even want to answer the phone. It's even worse when you find out her teacher wants to schedule your parent teacher conference personally so she knows you can be there! Lord, give me the strength not to giggle through the whole meeting and help me restrain from bringing a glue stick!!!

It's pretty bad when it's 11am before you get in the shower.

It's pretty bad when you go to the effort to make a list of the things you need desperately to get done and then you sit and blog about not doing them.

It's pretty bad that I haven't even thought about my kids costumes yet, and I guarantee they won't make it easy for me!

It's not that I'm in a bad mood even, just a very lazy one I guess. Oh well...hopefully, for the sake of my house and my marriage, I'll snap out of it within the next couple minutes. If not, I'll still be on the couch till shower time...



Kandice said...

well if it makes you feel any better....i woke up early..went to the gym, came home, got in my jammies....and have neglected everything in sight. I know hard to believe----but trust me, I am lazy today too and I love it!

The Holdaway Family said...

You made me laugh!

Joey said...

Sometimes we just NEED days like that!

Beki Hilton said...

Hi! I love you blog!! I am a new follower!