Monday, November 1, 2010


It doesn't get much worse than dental issues, does it? Freak! I can't keep up with having children! I've spent so much money on Ali's mouth, and for what? So she could get an abscess on her gum and have to have one of these expensive teeth pulled out. She's a little trooper though, and hopefully, when the new one comes in (5 years from now) it'll be a lot stronger and COVERED in enamel...unlike the baby teeth she has. Why wasn't I a dentist? Oh wait, you have to go to school for that, right?

Halloween was...well, I have mixed feelings about that. I do enjoy the convenience of "trunk-or-treat" and the fact that it's over and done with in like 10 minutes, but I realized this year that it doesn't take long for people to "catch on." If I weren't obligated to be there, I too could have driven my children to each church in the 3 mile vicinity that is Vernal and gotten them enough candy to last through next year! I went through 10 pounds of candy in 10 minutes! But honestly, I do enjoy the company, we have GREAT neighbors and ward members. If I don't have pictures up yet, I will shortly. My kids were dressed up cute despite my procrastination and they seemed to have a ton of fun.

So yet, another holiday filled with good intentions passes with little to no follow through. No sugar cookies this year, no kids costume for me...but I was gonna~! That's gotta count for something. If good intentions counted for anything, I'd be very well off. It's been 10 months now, and my resolution of "a little more effort, a little more follow through" is still in the back of my mind. Oh well, I'll have a mission statement for next year! It'll take me more than a year to figure this one out...


Joey said...

Why is it so hard to give it that little bit of extra effort? I find myself spending more time thinking up excuses than it would take me to actually do some of the things I want and NEED to do sometimes...How sad is that! I hope that Ali's mouth feels better soon. See you this weekend!

The Holdaway Family said...

Sorry that Ali has had so much trouble with her teeth! My 11 year old had no enamel on her 6 year molars and they were rotting before they even were up all the way...sad!