Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Down and Derby!!!

What a show!  I got a call on my way home from work today... it was noisy and I could barely hear...but I was able to make out enough to realize that we were already late for the pine-wood derby.  I thought it started an hour later than it did, and having to work on Wednesday has REALLY done a number on me the last two weeks!  So, we loaded up and left, with everything as-is at home...  T.V. on, oven on, food- ready to eat...OH WELL!  IT'S DERBY TIME!!!

Well, it was GAGE's first Derby, and he did pretty well.  He got 5th place, and honorably mentioned as the "Slickest Slide!"  He really did GREAT, but promises he'll do better next year!!  One of his best friends got first place, and another best buddy came in dead last...he was just as excited for them as he was for himself!  I was so happy to see him as such a good sport!  He definitely didn't learn it from his father!  (Jon was a little confused at whose derby it really was... he kept calling it "my car"  and "I can't believe he beat me!"  Ali made a sign to hold up for Gage that said "Gage Rocks!"  I thought it was so cute of her to cheer her brother on!

Here's a picture of our little man on Cole's motorcycle at the cabin... actually it's a picture of my son in Heaven. 



Joey said...

WOW! Jon, I mean Gage did really well for his very first derby! I love Ali's sign, I am sure that Gage was very proud of her and told everyone that she is an aspiring artist who has been taught by the best...Him! I am so glad that you posted the picture of Gage on Cole's bike....the kid is a natural!

The Holdaway Family said...

He did great! I am sure he will do even better next year!

Love him on that dirt bike...your right, it's heaven for boys!

J said...
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Michele and Wyatt said...

I love how the Derby is all about the dad's. I didn't think my husband was one of those dad's, but he so is. The boys seem to have fun anyway.