Saturday, March 26, 2011


I was so glad to get today off work! It's not been a great month for sales, and missing a Saturday is a sure fire way to miss part of my paycheck...but nothing could be better than celebrating Gage's birthday today with all of his friends. We took them to see The Diary of a Wimpy Kid - Rodrick Rules- and it was a blast. There weren't many of them, Gage opted for a small group of friends, instead of a big one like last year. Fine by me! After the movie we came home for donuts and ice cream. I know, I know...Donuts? But yes...that's what he wanted. Funny kid.
Gage's cousin Mitchell is the TALL one...Ean is right behind Gage, and Dallin is on the right.  Definitely his best buddies!

He got a new scooter from Ean and a ten dollar bill from Dallin. He was perfectly happy with that too, until Jon gave him his BIG present. It's not even his real birthday till Wednesday, but Dad couldn't wait! Jon made a scavenger hunt for Gage to end up knocking on the garage door from the inside, I opened the door, and he was definitely surprised by what was in the driveway!

Gage couldn't quite wrap his head around this one.  Once it hit him that the bike was his, he really started getting excited!

Honestly, I don't know which kid was more excited!  Gage, or Jon!
What a spoiled kid!  And more to come!  We're doing a family dinner at our house tomorrow, and Wednesday I get to take- wait for it- DONUTS to his class and give him the rest of his birthday presents.  I know, he doesn't need any more- but I'm excited about the things I got him!  It won't hold a candle to a dirt bike... but I'm excited just the same!  I love you Gage!  Happy Birthday, and seriously not expect this every year!


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Joey said...

WOW! I hope he learns very quickly how to keep that thing up right. I don't want to see him with a broken ANYTHING! Happy Birthday on Wednesday Gage!!! Happy early birthday today! LOVE you :)