Saturday, March 26, 2011

Day 26- What Do I Think About My Friends...

We're winding up this challenge thing, and it's been fun! I think I've already answered this question before but, I guess it's worth saying again...

I love my friends. I've learned over the years not to take them for granted. I've learned that friends are there sometimes when your family can't be, and that is a gift. Moving to Vernal was one of the hardest things I've done, and now, over 11 years later- I know I'd have lost my mind if I hadn't made so many wonderful friends. I treasure the relationships I've made here.

I grew up with some of the best friends anyone could ever have. Never being very girly, I ended up with a lot of "guy" friends. I learned from them how to get over things quickly, and not let things offend me so easily... however, having a constant supply of estrogen negates a lot of the lessons learned. Guys were always good for a laugh or an adventure, but the girl friends I made in childhood are still my friends today. Nothing replaces a best girl friend... I know that now. I don't keep in touch with many of the guys I used to hang out with...their wives probably wouldn't appreciate it! But the girls are there forever. I'm so glad I made such great friends. Love you guys!


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