Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Day 9- Something I'm Proud of in the Last Few Days...

I'm forever a "Proud Mama." My kids do more to make me proud, than they do to make me mad- the mad parts are just funnier. Gage brought home his report card yesterday with all but ONE perfect mark- and the one that he needed to work on was "keeps area clean." AMEN TO THAT! He's above grade level in reading and does great even in math! I am so proud of him!

Ali has been working so hard at reading. She has to work harder cause it doesn't come so naturally for her. She has come so far this year and I've seen her enjoy it more and more. She's doing so much better and I'm very proud.

I'm also working hard to do better. I love photography- and though I don't have an indoor studio, I've done a few inside over the winter. I didn't think I'd be able to do it nearly as well as the outdoor ones, and even though it isn't my favorite thing to do, I'm excited with the way they've turned out.

One of these days I'd like to have my own studio, but for now I'll be content if SPRING would just come! I'm ready for winter to be OVER!


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Joey said...

If we all had what we wanted right NOW there wouldn't be any reason to set goals...That would be sad not to have something to work toward or accomplish. You are so talented and smart you will get what you want and need because you will have put in the hard work, sweat and TEARS for it! Love you!