Sunday, April 17, 2011

Playing Catch Up...

I've been putting off posting because I haven't taken any cute pictures of my own family lately. I've taken a TON of pictures's kept me incredibly busy. That, and I've taken on a new design project- a 3500 square foot beautiful home with so much potential, and SO MUCH SPACE! It's no wonder the homeowner got a little overwhelmed! Besides work, I've got a wonderfully challenging calling at church. I am the only compassionate service leader in our ward, I currently have more than 10 ladies expecting babies, a baby that was just born c-section, a lady on bed rest and one that is so sick she is puking every 10 minutes! I am scheduling two meals a day, every day until told otherwise! I'm so glad softball is starting again, it's definitely a way to clear my head!

Last week I got a card in the mail from Ali's teacher. I have to say I was a little nervous, but I figured she would just call me if there was a problem- why go out of her way to send me something in the mail? It was a very nice note, telling me how good she had been on a particular day- yes, apparently it's a noteworthy situation when she's good!!! It was nice to hear it though- I think the teacher knew I needed it.

It's Senior season with photography- and while I don't do a ton, I love taking pictures of teenagers...if they want their pictures taken. I haven't met one yet that wasn't photogenic- and I've had a ton of fun with it...this is a photo from my last session- this gorgeous girls mom is a very close friend to Jon and I- and I appreciate so much that she thought of me to do this...

Since I really shouldn't post any bridals publicly until after the wedding, I'll have more to share after the 28th of April. I love bridals too- there is nothing like a blushing bride to show off your photographic abilities!

This latest photoshoot I actually had help with. I would have had a very hard time posing all of these kids on my own! My neighbor and fellow photographer, Jana, came along and made it so much easier! Thank you Jana!


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