Wednesday, July 6, 2011

And So it Begins

Every year I'm reminded why my favorite holiday is the Fourth of July. I love summer. I love the Lake, and I love being with my family in a place and state of mind where everyone is happy and entertained. I love the FOOD- the FIREWORKS- and Ali and Addie's matching outfits. I love how happy my husband is. Relaxed, off work and ready to be in, on, or anywhere near the water! I've always been a fan of the small-town parade- but the last couple of years I've been disappointed with ours. This year was no different with 3 exceptions...
1. I love the girls drill team- they work so hard on the unicycle routine every year- they are amazing!

2. The "fly-By." When the jets fly over, there's just such a sense of pride. We're pretty lucky to live in such an awesome country!
I know, I'm disappointed with this picture too, but my camera ran out of batteries right as they flew over, so I was lucky to get this one!

3. This year, my most favorite thing were the horses. They are always at the end of the parade and this year, they had a stage-coach pulled by 6 Clydesdale horses. They are the most amazing animals I have ever seen, and their size was incredible. I told Ali- that's why my favorite animal is a horse... just wish the batteries in the camera hadn't died!

My cute nephew Alex... I love the lake for it's constant entertainment!

She was in a world of her own!

We were worried once again that we wouldn't be able to get into the lake if we didn't leave rally early- but we got there in plenty of time- and spent the day getting totally sunburned, and having more fun than our (very soar today) bodies could handle. I even went on the tube. Don't worry though, no pictures...(I mean it Betsy...)

 We had a BBQ at my house Sunday afternoon... the girls played on the slip and slide and the boys teased them while they did.  I had so much fun taking pictures, before I knew it I had taken 300 of the same thing!
This girl is getting so big!  And talk about the easiest, sweetest baby ever!  I keep telling Betsy- "Ali WAS easy too!"
Dang...did I get it all?  Did I mention David is here?  We love having Jon's brother stay with us...he's a very easy house guest, and fun to give a hard time to!  I still have to post Ali's bedroom remodel. She's so spoiled!  Next time!


The Holdaway Family said...

A unicycle routine?!?!? That is amazing, I would probably die before I could even attempt that!

It looks like you guys celebrated in style!

Joey said...

Sounds like you had a very full day! I love "small town" celebrations too, reminds me of home. CUTE pictures as always. Addie could be Ali's little sister!