Sunday, August 7, 2011

Summer...where art thou?

Honestly...this summer hasn't even started yet! This month, the kids go back to school and it doesn't seem like we've even had a summer yet! Between the weather, and work- I've decided even one extra day at work is too much. I feel like I've missed so much time with my kids- even if they haven't missed me. Also, I've realized that work is much, much easier than staying home. I really do enjoy being there... but my responsibilities at home are much more important. I've been a little less patient because I'm not having to "put up" with kids all day! All you stay-at-home moms are not only lucky, but saint-like as well!

I loved the clouds on this day- amazing. I was scheduled to do a photoshoot that evening- and didn't reschedule. Lucky for me, these rolled over pretty quickly. They look like they could be straight out of Harry Potter!  Clouds are clouds though, and it's August!  Where is the SUN?



Joey said...

I have been getting up lately to go to work at the crack of early and I can't believe how much it "feels" like fall already. I LOVE IT! Being not much of a "summer" person I am more than happy to see it come to an end and a glorious, colorful, cool fall replace it! LOVE the cloud pictures. You sure have been busy with your photography lately. YES!

The Holdaway Family said...

Holy black clouds! I bet they made amazing lighting for your photo shoot though...