Saturday, December 10, 2011

It LOOKS like Christmas...inside!

My holiday "bokeh" shot!  That's just photographer talk for "out-of-focus lights!"

Our Christmas countdown ornament.  This wasn't the best idea kids don't stop reminding us how much time is left!

I vowed to have a better attitude about Christmas this year.  I've spent the past few years down and out and caught up in the stress of the season.  Christmas started early this year for me, we started decorating the Charity Tree in October!  I'm so glad I didn't get sick of it then!  The tree was so pretty too!  I decorated the tree at work, and two trees at my own house...and I'm still going strong!  I only have a few more things to get- but the kids and most of Jon's Christmas is DONE!  It's nice to have a few less things to stress about! 
This is the "kid tree." I wasn't going to put one in the family room this year, but when I scored a SECOND tree for FREE!!!  I couldn't resist!

If I do have anything to stress about it's getting everyone's pictures to them in time to do Christmas cards!  I am behind a couple sessions, and I haven't had time to get my OWN done yet!  (I had taken a few earlier in the year...but they were casualties of another lost hard drive!)  But so far, it's still fun- I'm enjoying the work I'm doing and it's SO nice to have the extra Christmas money!
This is part of my new "fancy" tree in the living room.  You can actually see it from the front of my house now!  YAY!

I was able to make a quick trip to Provo with my friend Kandie.  We had lunch with Kayla and Melissa- nothing better than catching up with my cute bff's. 
My front window... each one of those light have to be turned on and off!  Jon said he wouldn't do it after he did it once... it's OK, it's totally worth it!

My next project is updating the blog- I'm really tired of the fall look!  Ready to "spruce" it up for Christmas!  Don't worry too much mom!  I'll do my best to get yours done too!


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Joey said...

Everything looks so pretty! How did you come about the second tree? I love it. You need to take a pic. of the fancy one in the living room so that I can see what it all looks like put together!

No worries about the blog. It isn't officially winter until the 22 of Dec. You have plenty of time...hehe.
Love ya!