Tuesday, December 13, 2011

So Grateful...

It hasn't been the best week so far.  Not that I'm being pessimistic or anything, it's just been a tough one!  Ali has had a cough now for over 6 weeks.  It's an on again off again dry hack that hit's a nerve in my brain every time she let's loose.  I wish I could say I was a more patient and compassionate mom, but if you heard one of her fits, maybe you'd understand.  It just sounded to me like she was pushing it- whether for attention, to get out of going to bed- whatever, it didn't sound real.  It drove me crazy. I had taken her in to the pediatrician about 3 weeks ago, was told she had allergies and was given a cocktail of OTC allergy meds to try on her.  It didn't work.

Monday I sent her to school and not an hour later she was on the phone with me saying the teacher said I have to bring her a cough drop.  I was on my way to work and a round trip to her school and back is literally 30 minutes, so I decided I'd just take her to the doctor while I was at it.  Here's where I began to realize the blessings... we spoke with a different doctor...his name is Dr. Kwak.  Really!  First off, he walked in the door, shook my hand and introduced himself, and then pronounced AliAnah correctly the FIRST time.  His bedside manner was amazing- exactly what you'd picture the perfect pediatrician to act like.  He told me his background, he was actually an asthma specialist at Primary Childrens Hospital before he moved here, and said he was worried about Ali's cough.  Within 5 minutes Ali was diagnosed with walking pneumonia, given a prescription for antibiotics and albuterol and we were sent on our way.   6 weeks of this!  My poor little girl only needed an antibiotic?  I am so grateful for Dr. Kwak- but he's ruined me.  I can never go to another doctor again.

You'd never know she was sick.  She's completely normal except for a cough.  She's doing much better and I couldn't be happier to send her back to school tomorrow!  But I sit here- so grateful for the medicine, and the doctors we have today-

I watched White Christmas last night...and instead of feeling the Christmas feeling I normally feel when I watch it, the part that stood out to me most was the song:

When you are worried and you can't sleep
Count your blessings instead of sheep
Then you'll go to sleep, counting your blessings.

I'll be doing that tonight.  I love this little family of mine, and I'm so grateful we'll all be healthy to celebrate Christmas together.


* Gar * Lis * Charly * said...

White Christmas is my favorite Christmas movie! It really is an amazing feeling when you find a doctor that you LOVE and feel comfortable with and you can trust with your kid(s! So happy you found him and even happier that she is feeling better!!

Kyndi said...

Dr. Kwak is my favorite! I'm glad Ali is getting the meds she needs and that you guys can have a happy, healthy Christmas!

I don't think I've ever seen White Christmas...I'm definitely missing out it seems so I better find it!