Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My kind of Winter...

So, we did get snow... but within a few hours it had melted in the valley. I keep thinking this is MY KIND OF WINTER. But now I worry- as we approach a very important milestone this coming March, (specifically my 35th birthday) that winter may have just been delayed a bit? The weeks forecast is snow! I think we should just get off lucky this year and call it good- bring on the green and vitamin D, cause heaven knows I could use it! Besides, who needs snow in the valley as long as there is powder and/or snow pack in the mountains? Our water levels are fine, and the reservoirs will still be full! Spring, spring, spring!!! I know mom- you don't agree... but it's MY birthday.

Speaking of snow in the mountains, Jon and I were a little bored and in need of an outing last weekend, so we took the kids on a ride up the mountain. Enjoyed an awesome lunch at Flaming Gorge Lodge, and tried desperately to entertain the kids with some deep powder sledding. Unfortunately sleds, unlike ski's, are not great where deep powder is concerned, but they gave it their best effort... here's proof.

 Gage was a little ornery, I wish it were a little better packed down... it was a lot of work getting up the hill for so little reward going down!  If they would have had the energy to keep going it would have packed down better eventually- but all 3 of my kids were dog-tired after a little while... it only took us about 30 minutes to get high enough to find good snow though, so I'm sure we can go back and try again- and I'll be grateful if it stays up there and doesn't grace us with a nice white blanket in the backyard again this year! Is that asking too much do ya think?

Before the sledding excursion, I had had an eventful week.  I hate being busy- if you know me, you know I love my down time.  Not to be lazy- but just to do whatever I want to do for me...which is usually vacuum, read my latest addiction, or bake.  Last week, I got none of that.  I worked an extra day, and it seemed like we were running every night.  The days I was home even seemed busier than the days at work!  Thursday was the Blue and Gold banquet for Gage and Scouts.  Not that I would be good enough at it to do it any differently- but I didn't hear until Tuesday that we needed to bring a side dish and a cake decorated solely by Gage.  Wednesday was my only day off, so I took the necessary responsibilities to have stuff ready for the next night-   Gage decorated his cake BY HIMSELF.  No, this is not a disclaimer, but again, anyone that knows me at all knows that I am an extreme control freak.  Presentation is EVERYTHING!  But, I had run into some issues with the girl... and was up disciplining the best I know how, and when I came back down, Gage had finished his cake:

 He says it's a recycling theme.  The recycling sign he copied off my Diet Pepsi can, and the "road" he made out of crushed up Oreo's.  He even colored the coconut for the "grass" by himself and the little cookies on it are supposed to look like garbage.  He did a great job and ended up getting the "Most Unique" award.  I'm so proud!  As for Ali- chalk it up to her being "hella-hard" and use your imagination.  This time it involved one particular finger and a trip to the principals office.  That one is going down in the books....not the blog. (Well, anymore than that.)  I love her! (She DOES keep life interesting!)


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Joey said...

Oh man, I LOVE Gage's creativity. What a little artist! I am glad that you explained it though because when I looked at the picture I wasn't really sure what I was looking at.

The snow looks like so much fun. I have been skiing the last few weeks and it has been so nice. Thursday was even SUNNY! Gage does look like he is a little "put out" but he is getting that age where he is going to be that way more than not...So sad.

Oh Ali...