Sunday, May 20, 2012

For the BIRDS!

I thought our little Robin had abandoned her nest... but I saw a couple of birds hanging out around the tree not too long ago and got curious. I was too late for the eggs already! I'm not nearly as thrilled with pictures of these little fuzzballs- they're kind of ugly compared to the perfect little blue eggs that were there before.

THEN... I got the prettiest hanging baskets from my kids for Mothers Day...(thank you honey!) and about 3 days after Jon had hung them he came in the house completely exasperated because his attempts to keep a little bird from building it's nest in it, had failed.  Fortunately for me!  I love it!  These little eggs are the size of my thumb nail!  TINY! It's so much fun and another reason why these baskets are my favorites so far!

I've been ridiculously busy with photography lately.  We're approaching the slow time at work, so the more photography appointments I make the better!  I've learned a ton lately too, it's true I'll never know all there is to know about photography, but I'm sure that's why I stick with it- if it got boring, I'd be done!

I got a new calling at church today- I'm the new Primary Chorister!  I haven't had the best attitude about it, but I'm working to change it.  My kids are so excited and I've forgotten how much I love the primary songs.  I have so many to learn though!  I guess the Lord found it necessary to catch me up!


Kandice said...

Hooray on your new calling!!! That is one that I would enjoy.
I'm glad someone share my love for birds... I am a bird nerd!
I will have to take a peek at them Thursday.

Cambria said...

THESE ARE AWESOME PICTURES STEPH! I love the nest in the middle of all the flowers! so cute, so pretty, so perfect!!!

Joey said...

Oh the bird nests are soooo cute! Grandma Sharon would be so proud of you! Is the little one a Humming Bird nest? It looks like one. I wish I had time to take pictures and learn new things to do with my camera. One day I will right? I really hope so. Til then I will enjoy yours!