Friday, July 6, 2012

Fabulous Fourth of July!

The Fourth of July has been my favorite holiday since I got too "old" to enjoy Christmas as much as I used to!  July is a much better time of year to have a favorite holiday anyway- the summer sun makes everything better!  We not only had a busy day- but the week leading up to the fourth as well-

Of course, I was working the whole time and had to miss some of the festivities... Jon took the kids camping with his family Saturday night.  They go up to the property Anah bought a few years back and have a blast together.  The cousins all got to "play," though when I got there it looked like they were just using that as an excuse to get extremely dirty!

I got to go join them on Sunday night and we had dutch oven and BBQ chicken.  I didn't get smelly and dirty- it's my kind of "camping."

Tuesday morning we got up and went to the lake- I still had breakfast on the table when I got home that night!  We left in a hurry and stayed out all day long!  It was such a blast!  Gage got out on the knee board and rocked it his first time!  Ali and I enjoyed being IN the boat, but she, Gage and Addison got a lot of swimming time!  They had to, just to stay cool!

I have to say- I was excited for the parade this year cause someone other than the city had taken control and there was supposed to be some cool stuff in it, but alas... it was a 2 hour advertisement for all the different oil field companies and such- stupid Aarons furniture seriously drove their delivery trucks down the parade route with people sitting in recliners in the back of the trucks... there were maybe 2 floats and a whole bunch of weirdos...  the fly over was about a mile off target and they only went by one time---- but oh well- we had the LAKE!  Wednesday the water was full of boats, and it made me a little nervous driving Jon and Gage around, but we did OK... and then we went to the fireworks... my favorite part of the Fourth... and it was SCARY!  Fireworks were banned everywhere besides the park, so if you could see through the smoke you got a great view of every firework bought in Vernal!  We only had a couple mishaps, the people next to us had one of their arial fireworks tip over and shoot across the grass, missing Ali's leg by about 6 inches.  She freaked out the rest of the night, and then someone behind us did the same thing... people are pretty careless, and that just went to prove it!  We almost packed up and went home!

But it was one for the books... we had so much fun! My sister-in-law, Betsy, made the girls their dresses again this year. Aren't they adorable? I wish I were that talented!  Hope you all had a great holiday too!


Joey said...

LOVE the dresses! I can't believe how much those two little girls look alike. They could be sisters!

Gage looks like he couldn't be having more fun. I am pretty sure he is part fish. That was a busy mid-week for you, are you going to make it a busy weekend too? Boats are sort of like cabins...they give you something to do and a constant way to spend your money :)

Cambria said...

Oh I can see Ali freakin out about the fireworks now, like she does bees. That would be scary though, not an ideal fireworks night. Hopefully she won't be scared for life!!

I want to come go boating this summer- I miss our boat- they are so much fun! Miss you guys! Love you tonz!

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