Tuesday, November 20, 2012


I struggle with emotion a lot.  I am an extremely competitive person, but I'm not good enough at any one thing to be that way.  It often gets in the way of gratitude, and I'm left feeling pretty badly about myself.  Just yesterday for instance, I prayed in the morning for a good attitude.  I had to work, and I asked the Lord to help me do my best.  I've had a rough couple months- but only compared to the last year.  I went to work and had a huge sale right off. I even remembered to thank the Lord for helping me.  Towards the end of the day- knowing I'd had a great one- knowing I'd done better than the guy I work with- I was still riding the high.  Some other people came in and he sold them more than I had sold in that first sale of the day- and for a fleeting (OK, few) minutes I was angry!  I just wanted that one time, where I did better than him!  I knew it wasn't how I was supposed to act, and because I have been so busy thanking the Lord for all my blessings lately- I was able to  wrangle that ugly monster and be happy for him.  We'd both done really well!  Why do I get this way?

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