Sunday, January 27, 2013


This is the shirt Ali wore to school the other day.  Jon got it for her for Christmas... I knew the day would come, and I've decided to fight fewer battles with Ali (which is working, believe it or not) that she would want to wear it to school...I hope her teacher wasn't blinded... but I'm sure even he thought it was fitting for her!
 Oh she cracks me up/wears me out!  She complained today after lunch that her "bones hurt"  She even conjured up a little tear or two to plead her case.  When I told her there wasn't much I could do, she said she would take a nap, and see if that helped.  She came back downstairs maybe 30 minutes later and said, "I think ice cream will help."  Seriously.  Jon looked at her and said- "Well you better try it, if you think it'll help!"  And lo, and behold what do you know?  It worked like a charm.  She was back to her old self in no time...if only I'd gotten a picture of that!  (She "be-dazzled" her face with jewel stickers and dressed up like a girl on Flash! I promise she's never seen that movie though!)

So, I have had a little savings account for a while now.  I wasn't sure what it was for, but it did contain part of the tax return from last year so I never thought of it as "my" money.  I figured we'd spend it on vacation last year, but we didn't.  I thought we could buy new furniture- but we didn't.  Instead Jon turned to me one day and said- "you should buy a new computer with that money... you really need one!"  That got the wheels turnin' I tell ya!  He knew I was a Mac-snob- and he knew it wasn't going to be cheap- but he let me do it anyway, and I am in HEAVEN!  I got the retina display- mostly for editing pictures.  It's bigger than my last one too, but weighs less.  The only issue I have now is that it has no CD drive!  I didn't do as much research as I thought!  I can honestly say though, there are ways around it, and I'm not sorry I got this one!  Now, if I can just work out all the bugs, we'll be sittin' pretty!

Our ward got a new Primary Presidency today- it was bittersweet.  I really loved the girls in the old one.  They were organized, they put a lot of thought and work into everything they did and they loved the kids.  They built me up, knowing that I wasn't sure I'd love my calling, and they've gotten me to a point where I don't hate it.  We had a good thing going, and it's always hard to change.  I've decided I need to be able to play the piano well enough that all I do on Sunday is go to church and play my heart out.  That way I don't have to deal with all the other stuff.  Not to say the new presidency isn't going to be great... I truly think they will be!  But it's different.  Sometimes different is good I guess.


Joey said...

Oh Ali! That shirt is so perfect for her and so is ice cream. She makes me laugh just thinking about all of her antics.

I am glad that you are liking your new computer. What's not to like? Can's wait to see what you do with some of the pictures you take. I am sure that there will be a lot of playing with them. Should be fun!

Don't worry about your primary job. You will be just fine. A new presidency is a good thing. They will think that you know everything and look for advise and answers from you. Fake it!

* Gar * Lis * Charly * said...

Love that pic of ali! Glad you're liking your new purchase, you're so talented! Miss ya!