Sunday, February 10, 2013

Quick Trip Family Style!

I really don't get a lot of days off with Jon and the kids beside Sunday- and so when I do, I think I expect that it not be wasted! My friends are always making trips into the city- and we do go quite often as well, but this time we stayed in a hotel, in Sandy just for the night- and went to the BOAT SHOW!! on Saturday. Please, no one be offended cause we didn't call or stop by- it really was a quick, spontaneous trip- and nice to spend some time with the kids- even if they are a little annoying. (OK, a lot annoying... someday they'll like each other, right?) Jon and I had a great time at the boat show...I got to meet Chef Brian from Channel 2- we always watch him on TV, and he was so nice, and so easy to talk to! He made chicken burritos, and made it interesting enough that the kids sat and watched him! I guess the boat show wasn't the most fun for them, but they managed. We watched the wake boarders do the "rail jam" in a tank they had set up inside- it was cool! We even got a little wet! Jon is determined now that we need a new boat. I can't believe how expensive they are! I'll be happy with my old boat for now!

We stayed in a Best Western- the beds are truly the worst!  Why can't they all just get Tempur-pedic mattresses?  Don't they know they would last so much longer, and people would sleep so much better?  Anyway- the kids were excited to swim- and I spent the time editing pictures.  We didn't have anything planned- so I was glad for the pool to fill the time!  Sunday morning, we thought maybe we'd just head home, but ended up at the Living Planet Aquarium.  I love that kind of stuff- and nearly had to drag my family there!  Needless to say, they all enjoyed it...but I'm sure mostly me...


We did a little shopping too- I've decided I not only married a nerdy guy, but gave birth to a nerdy boy.  They both had to spend money at the "Asian Gifts" store.  Gage got a plastic samurai sword- Jon got other, less "plastic" weapons... nerdy?  I say yes.  And maybe a bit dangerous now too!  The drive was fine- it snowed off and on going both directions, but we didn't get the icy roads like some friends of mine did- luckily they were OK, but their car was pretty well totaled! We're home safe and sound- hope you all have a great week!

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Joey said...

Wow! It looks like you had a lot of fun...I can't believe that you didn't come down and go to Upchuckyourgrandma with us on Saturday night, that is an event that I know you and Jon both look SO forward to... :) Man, your dad and I are getting old! I can't even believe that I wrote that. We really didn't go there!
The boat show looks rather boring to me but then again I am not a "boat" kind of person however, the AQUARIUM...Now that is my kind of afternoon! The biggest, most impressive one I have ever been to was the one in New Orleans. It is amazing. I wonder if it survived Katrina? It was in one of the most beautiful but, WORST places for that storm.

Glad you had a great time. You need to do that kind of stuff more often, and no worries about offending, you can not please everyone all the time...