Sunday, April 28, 2013

Moonshine anyone?

Spring is really here, right?  I love this weather!  We have the benefit of early church this year, and so we're going to take advantage of having the day to enjoy after!  It was down right hot today on our hike!  I wasn't planning on sweating!  Honestly though, our first hike after a long lazy winter turned out to be pretty challenging for "most" of us!  (I can't speak for Jon...)

We made it to the arch again this year!  I love Moonshine Arch!  It's really such an amazing place, and to have it right in our backyard!  There really are some beautiful things to be seen in Vernal- you're all invited anytime to see it with us!

There's no hope for Ali's innocence, it's a perfect likeness!  She'll go to jail for sure- defacing the rock as she did!

Gage has figured out, you never incriminate yourself... poor Frank.

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Cambria said...

BAHAHAHAHAHAHA Gage!!1 I love this, and Ali's self portrait, priceless!!