Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Sick Day!

 So, when your child tells you she's sick- you should probably listen. I could tell she wasn't well- she kept me up all night coughing- but I was sure it was just allergies, after all- we had been rolling around in ragweed all day the day before! I knew I needed to sleep, I knew SHE needed to sleep- so we made an appointment with our favorite doctor- Dr. Kwak. (Quawk) Come to find out, Ali has a form of asthma that manifests as coughing whenever she gets sick. She's on anti-biotics and steroids. She has severe exima and has a topical steroid... the girl's a mess! I kept her home from school yesterday- and was glad I did- it was fun to spend the time with her! Here's to my kids and respiratory problems!

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