Saturday, May 4, 2013

"Bob's" Maiden Voyage- 2013

I think the looks we got on the way up to the lake were enough for us to realize we might be just a little excited for summer, but we did it today- We went to the lake!  We knew we wouldn't be getting in the water- beings that it thawed only weeks ago- but  we were just excited to get out and DO something!  A Saturday off- NOT wasted!

Bob is running perfectly.  Jon's been fiddle-farting with it all winter- so we had a few upgrades to put to the test today- new steering wheel...stainless steel cupholders... push button know- things that really make a difference!  Whatever he did- it was awesome!  What a comfortable ride!  And alone we were!  The kids took turns learning the ropes- Gage is a pretty good driver- as long as he doesn't have to go very fast.  He's kind of funny that way- the fearless teenager hasn't come out yet... just the hormonal, overly sensitive "tween."  (HELP!)

Ali floored it the first chance she got.  She's a riot.  She loves to sit in the front of the boat and point out all the waves.  Her favorite thing is to hit them as hard as we can and see how far she can "fly!"

Summer really can't get here soon enough! 

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Melissa said...

You guys are so awesome! Looks like fun! I used to go water skiing on Strawberry in May, so yeah, I get it! lol