Wednesday, January 8, 2014


I had never even heard of it before I got married. I moved to Vernal and heard people talking about it as if it were a meal- "We had Bunco last night!" or a place- "I got it at bunco last night!" and considered myself blissfully ignorant. Until I was invited to "sub" I had NO IDEA it was a game! I think the first time I went, I won- at least something- and I was hooked! It's a game you can play WHILE you talk- or in our case- laugh till you pull something. Where you win great stuff- even if you're hosting! And the food? It's awesome! Better than all of that though is the company- I've had so much fun making new friends and as I said before- I laugh so hard my abs are sore the next day! So- if you ever get invited to play bunco- my advice is GO! It's a blast!

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Joey said...

Honestly, I am very glad that I have never been hooked on that one...Where would I fit it in? I do hear that it is a fun way to spend an evening though.