Thursday, January 16, 2014


Lately my life has been consumed by a little ball of white smelly fur. I feel like I'm the mother of a newborn who can't wear diapers. I'm up every bit as often, except I have to take the bloody thing outside to relieve himself! I have to trust my kids to help me out when I'm not home, and they do- but today I got a call at work that went something like this...
Gage: "Mom, Rocco pooped on the floor."
Me: "OK, what did you do about it?"
Gage: "I tried to clean it up. I picked up what I could and put the machine on the spot."
Me: "AND..."
Gage: "When I took the machine off the spot, it just smeared it and made it bigger..."
Me: "Gage! How much poop did you leave on the floor??"
Gage: "I got as much as I could!"

Yes... I've been excited about bringing him home. Yes, I still like having him around, but I can't wait to get past this puppy stage! He's biting and chewing everything- curious about everything, and everything goes in his mouth! Blech! We have to get this under control though, especially since Jon and I are planning a trip to Hawaii soon! It's too bad they don't come potty trained and past the teething stage!

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Joey said...

They can be SO frustrating!!! However, once you get them potty trained then you can replace the carpet that they destroyed and all will be worth it. When they are this little they aren't really trained, you are. Every hour it is let the dog out, let the dog in...Life gets pretty boring until you forget to let the dog out! He will stop teething in about a year and a half. Just make sure you have a LOT of chew toys for him so he doesn't chew up your shoes. Also, get some of this spray, I think it is called Bitter Bite or something like that. You can spray it on anything that he is chewing on that you don't want him to and he will STOP!!! It is what got Lady to stop chewing through my screen door!

When do you leave for Hawaii? What do you need me to do? Let me know :)