Saturday, January 18, 2014

Ugh. Puppies.

Well, it happened.  I finally lost it.  Minor meltdown on my way to work after a sleepless night and horrible morning!  I know it's not the dogs fault, I know he can't hold it long- but it's so hard trying to keep up!  I was so upset at the kids this morning!  I asked Gage to watch the do while I took a shower and got ready for work, and in the 1/2 hour I was there the puppy peed on the carpet twice!  Once on my brand new favorite rug!  I left in a huff and cried all the way to work.
I know I made Jon and the kids feel bad, but I couldn't hold it anymore.  I was done.  But when I got home, Jon had worked hard to start the puppy proofing!  There are now two gates up- one to keep the dog out of my front room, and one to keep the curious little fart from going up the stairs!  It makes it easier to keep track of him!  Now, if we could just figure out the gas problem the poor little guy has developed!  Whew!  The rug was rolled up and put away- only to come out again when things are better controlled!  Better than ruining it, right?  I'll get through it.  I can do hard things.  But pray for me- (and my family, and maybe even the dog) anyway.

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Joey said...

I would laugh but I have been there and it really is NOT funny. If I were you I would get a folding fence deal that stretched all the way across your kitchen so that you could keep the little guy on the wood floor and not let him on the carpet at all. Boxers are supposed to be smart right? He will catch on pretty quick but remember how long it take a human...animals are not even close to being that smart ( well most humans ).
How is his hearing? If you are worried about it you may want to use a "sign" for "go potty" maybe he is just not being able to understand because he can't hear you, he is a WHITE boxer after all. Just a thought.

I am sorry, I do know what you are going through and I would love to be able to fast forward a couple of years for you but, they will go by and so will many others and the puppy years will be just a memory soon enough. I promise.