Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Dirty Dish...

I am a working mom.  I go through phases where I wish I weren't, but we've grown fond of the life we live. There's a certain amount of guilt associated with leaving 3 (or 4) days a week to let the kids fend for themselves.  I've dealt with many emotions- like I said before- guilt being the foremost. HOWEVER, that doesn't mean that I don't hate coming home to a sink and counter full of dirty dishes.  Why can't they do them for me?  Why do I have to remind them and beg them, and bribe them to help me?  I know I am not doing them any favors when I just give up and do the dishes myself- but it seems easier than the fight- 

Tonight I decided to let it go.  Tonight I am sick.  So- I took a picture to document the dirty dishes I try never to leave in the sink- for my Picture of the Day.  Why not?  The mundane, day-to-day crap is just as fun to remember, right?  And then a story sprouted out of it as well!  I love my life- even the mundane can turn into a story to tell!

It's not a long story- Ali asked tonight if she could have some ice cream.  I remembered the green bowl on the top of the pile of dishes in the sink- still covered in melted chocolate ice cream... and I asked her if she'd already had some. 

"No? I haven't had ANY" she said.
"Really?  You didn't have ANY?" I asked-
"No! Can I PA-LEASE HAVE SOME?"  as if that's going to help her predicament...

Jon got involved as well, and we had a little discussion about telling lies, Ali still maintaining her innocence.  She finally conceited, and went without a SECOND bowl of ice cream.  Oh Ali- if you'd only told the truth!  That's one lesson learned early, will only make life so much easier.  Dealing with the consequences of a bad decision is so much easier than dealing with both the consequence of that decision, and the punishment for the LIE you told!  Telling the truth surprises people!  Start young and make it easy on yourself!

I love being a mom... I love these kids- and I am lucky to live the life I do!  Another day bites the dust- so far 2014 has been a great year! :)

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Joey said...

I remember when I was a VERY young girl my mom was washing my hair and rinsing it with vinegar...yuck! Anyway, we always had little heart to hearts while doing my rather obnoxious locks and I told her at that tender age that I was going to tell the truth from then on. I am not sure that I always did (pretty sure I didn't) but, I am sure that I told her I would and that made me think about what I said and how I said it every time words spilled nicely or not so nicely from my ever opened mouth :)