Monday, March 24, 2014

One FABULOUS vacation!

We're still trying to recover from the trip of a lifetime.  Jon and I got to spend a week in beautiful Maui!  Do those who actually get to live there know how lucky they are?  I've seen beautiful places before, and this one ranks in the top 3 for sure.  We had some amazing experiences together- things we hope to never forget!
Sitting on the lanai at breakfast looking out at the view.  Seriously.
 This is the view out our sliding glass door, from our room!  I could see whales from my room!
 The lobby of the hotel.  They had comfy couches and it was the only place to get free wifi so we spent some time there!
The view from the hammock...
Walter Matthau in the lava flow!  Did you know he died in 2000? I had no idea it had been that long!

 These are all pictures from our adventure on the "Road to Hana"  We had NO idea what we were in for- it was amazing, scary and torturous all at the same time.  If I had seen the t-shirt that said "I survived Hana" I might have rethought my decision to go- but I can honestly say, I'm glad we did- even if it was more than we bargained for!
 This is from the walking path that ran in front of the hotel.  There are more lava rock "beaches" than sandy beaches in Hawaii- I love the character the rocks have- and I always love a good sunset!
I love snorkeling and seeing things like this turtle.  I know that sounds funny to those who know me and know I don't like to get wet most of the time!  Who could pass up a chance like this though?

Things couldn't just go smoothly though before we left... this was Gage on Thursday: (we left on Friday...)

He had a fight with the door to the band room at school.  It's a fireproof/soundproof door!  Filled with concrete!  It got him good!  I had to go pick him up from school and rush him to Urgent Care to take care of it!  It looks horrible, I know- but 1 week and a few days later it's looking so much better!  I don't think you'll even be able to tell it's there before too long!

When asked if I am sad to be home, I can honestly say "No.  I'm not sad to be home, but I wish I were still there."  What an awesome opportunity, and I hope one day we can do it again.  I think my destiny is tropical- some people say they dream in color- I dream in coconut!

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Joey said...

I love the pictures. I know that you took a lot more and, I can't wait to see them. I am so glad that you and Jon got to go. You deserved it! The kids were great and the dog was so fun. (Kandie might have a different opinion on that one...The dog).

Are you going to try to come down for Tara's shower? I know that is tough having just gotten home. If you decide to you can ride with me and Cambria and maybe stay at Grandpa's...?

You ARE a coconut...Spelled Koo Koo NUT!!! hahaha. Love you!