Monday, April 21, 2014

Morning Sunshine!

Sometimes it's easy to forget how beautiful things can be, right where you're standing.  I'll admit to being a little lack luster lately- I think I get this way every winter- right at the end when it starts to warm up but everything is still brown and bare.  I don't have patience to wait for the blooms and the green grass to poke through!  Then, I get reminded of how beautiful things really are, like the other morning when I took Rocco out right at sunrise- it doesn't get much prettier than that, does it?  And yes, I can Photoshop, but I did NOTHING to this picture...  Listening to the birds sing, and the frogs!  For the longest time I thought it was crickets I was hearing!  Frogs? or Toads?  Who knows, they make for a great soundtrack to a sunrise like that!  I love spring for the beauty it brings, and I hate spring, cause the weather just can't quite decide.

This guy is loving the weather though!  He loves to be inside, but the warmer it gets, the happier he is to get out!
He is getting huge!  About 40 pounds now?  I can't (and yet I CAN) get enough of that little face!  He is really getting to be a good little family member... in fact today, I did this...
My rug is back!  I love it!  It partially hides my ruined carpet, and takes the focus off the spots I can't hide!  Next project... NEW FLOORS!!!  But until I'm sure the a for mentioned little turd is past the puppy stage, ruined carpet it is! He HAS gotten a little too comfortable here:
and since I'm the only one who apparently cares if he's on the furniture or not, it's going to take some time to train him to STAY OFF!  He's incredibly spoiled!  He's becoming a little hoarder too- I went outside with him this morning and he was dragging a 3 foot piece of pipe over to his "pile" in the backyard... so glad it's in the back- we'd be looking incredibly "white-trash" if people could see it!
 Life is always interesting at the Tucker house.  Sometimes interesting isn't a good thing.  All in all, we know how lucky we are-

Easter reminds me to be grateful for the knowledge I have through the Gospel.  I tear up whenever I hear about the Atonement of our Savior and I have a testimony of it's healing powers.  I know the pain, the anxiety, the lows and the highs that I have felt- He has felt.  He knows how I feel no matter how I feel.  No matter how hard things get, no matter how brown or bare they are, He knows.  Sometimes that's all I need to get through it.  To know that someone else understands.  I think that's why he made the sun rise the way it did the other day.  He knew I needed to see it. 

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Joey said...

I just barely saw this can't blame me because you post so randomly that I have sort of stopped looking and since I don't post at all I never know when someone else does (sad) I used to be so dependable. :)

Love this! Sometimes it is the simple things that keep us grounded.

I can not believe how big Rocco is getting. He looks so strong. I miss the little (big) guy.

I will call you and we can talk about this weekend. I would love to go hiking! It the drive that kills me...