Thursday, July 16, 2015

Madam President...

You'll never believe what's happened to me... I have been called as Young Women's President.  For. Real.

Am I worried?  Nah.  Am I excited?  Somewhat.  Am I ready for it?  You bet!  Ali becomes a Beehive in September.  I can't wait!  Next year we get to go to Heber Valley Camp... I can't wait!  Even Young Women in Excellence... New Beginnings... things that should seem overwhelming and stressful, right now just sound fun!  Maybe it's because we truly have the best girls ever.  Whatever the case, I'm in for the long haul... and so are those girls, like it or not!

Wish me luck.  Say prayers for me.  Or, if you feel better about it, say prayers for the girls!  This here's a wild ride!

1 comment : said...

first of all, warm congrats with such a responsible position! Secondly, I wish you to find all he necessary means of conducting and organizing the people you are going to have subjected)) I'm kidding! Just do it!